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This Memorial Day, Keep Those We’ve Lost in Mind

Memorial Day is one of the dates on the calendar that every American earmarks at the start of the year. It elicits thoughts of cold drinks, beach days, pool parties and barbecues. But not lost on many (hopefully all) Americans is the reason they’re enjoying their day off: those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Since the Revolutionary War there has been hundreds of thousands of deaths in battle. These brave souls shed their blood and died defending the United States of America—its values and its vision. It’s imperative that when we celebrate Memorial Day on Monday that we keep them in mind; those that laid down their lives to give us the freedom to do things like barbecue, hang out by the pool, and enjoy a beer or two. These are the things we most often take for granted, and if it wasn’t for America’s brave military, we may not be doing them this coming weekend.

So as you kick off your Memorial Day plans, please keep those we’ve lost in battle in mind.

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