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Thanks for the Memories, Peyton

If you’re gonna go out, make sure you go out on top. NFL legend Peyton Manning did just that on February 7th, defeating the upstart Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 and capping off a Hall of Fame career.

Yesterday Peyton confirmed what many had predicted and announced his retirement from the league after 18 seasons. In an emotional press conference, Manning thanked his fans and teammates in both Indy and Denver, and described his illustrious career in that folksy way that only Peyton Manning can.

Throughout his years in the NFL he took heat from fans and sportscasters alike for his record in big games. He was pegged a guy that could not slam the door shut to win a Super Bowl. His years of dodging this unfair criticism came to an end in 2007 when he led the Colts to a victory over the Bears in 2007.

He also took home the MVP trophy from that one.

Accruing hardware is nothing new for Peyton Manning. The man has broken record after record, won the NFL MVP award 4 times and now has another shiny Super Bowl ring to go along with his 2007 jewelry. He will go down as one of the greatest—if not the greatest—NFL quarterback of all time, and it will be an odd feeling on Sundays knowing that we won’t be hearing shouts of “OMAHA!” coming from our TVs any longer.

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