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Thank You for Your Service

Veterans Day is a time to honor all of those who served, and thank them for their service. Their courage and sacrifice in defense of their country deserves our endless respect and admiration. So if you encounter a veteran today, be it family, friend or stranger, let them know how much you appreciate them.

With Veterans Day in mind, I’m also going to recommend that all of our readers, if you haven’t already, watch the documentary “Restrepo.” Directed by photojournalists Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington (who was later killed covering the Libyan Civil War), the film chronicles the experience of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team in the Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley.

It is a visceral documentary, to say the least, depicting a group of soldiers dug-in on a mountainside observation post over the course of a year. It shows the horrors of war, but also has a distinct human-interest aspect to it, serving as a reminder that these individuals who volunteer in our country’s defense—the ones whose acts of bravery and heroism are celebrated on Veterans Day—are also young men and women—many still teenagers.

“Restrepo” shows the strength and sacrifice of the American Soldier, and it comes highly recommended (I believe it’s on Netflix).

So while we should show our respect and admiration for our veterans daily, make sure you make that phone call or shake that hand on the street today. These people put their lives on hold to protect us, and deserve to know how much they are appreciated.

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