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Small Business Saturday: One for the Underdogs

It’s in our nature to root for the underdog. The Davids and Rudys among us will always capture the hearts and imagination of the public. By taking on their (much larger) counterparts and defying odds that said they never had a chance, they provide an inspiration to the little guys of the world. American Express joined forces with the underdogs of the business sector on Saturday in a show of solidarity known as ‘Small Business Saturday,’ an alternative to ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ designed to generate revenue and awareness for local businesses.

Small, locally-owned businesses have been historically edged out of the community once the conglomerates come to town. As the backbone of the American economy, small business owners have been scrambling to maintain their footing in a market that is dominated by large corporations that can afford to out-price their lesser competition.  

An unexpected ally in the support of small businesses, the credit card giant American Express, actually proposed the idea two years ago. By providing monetary benefits to consumers who frequent small businesses, AMEX created an incentive to shopping local. The company created online awareness about the new ‘holiday,’ employing the Twitter hash-tag ‘#smallbusinesssaturday’ to generate a buzz and following that has only grown since its inception.

The importance of a shopping day dedicated to supporting local businesses cannot be overstated. The dollars generated at independently owned boutiques and shops remains in the community’s economy, and serves to support your immediate surroundings. At a time when the risks potentially outweigh the rewards for operating a small business, Small Business Saturday provides a tangible boost in revenue that can prove invaluable.

Seen as an advocate for the little guy, AMEX reaped benefits as well. American Express users received $25 off purchases from local businesses, and the increased usage of their cards on Saturday will reflect in their fourth-quarter financials. It’s fair to say that everyone was a winner on Small Business Saturday, but one day a year is not enough. Do your part and support your local businesses!

-Carter Breazeale

PR/PR Public Relations

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