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Saluting our Veterans

This weekend I had the pleasure of reconnecting with one of my lifelong friends. We had gone over a year without being able to spend time together, and our conversations had been few and far between. The reason? He was finishing up his military contract and returning from his second tour of duty.

My Saturday was spent listening to his stories of Afghanistan; the daily drudgery that accompanies a long deployment, difficult situations that he found himself in, and I could hardly wrap my head around the reality of it all. The mental and physical dexterity that are required of our servicemen and women is more than I was able to comprehend. He spoke of his experiences during wartime with a self-assuredness that I couldn’t ever imagine myself possessing if I had seen what he had seen.  

So today, the day after Veteran’s Day, I want to extend a ‘thank you’ to all our armed forces on behalf of PR/PR for the commitment they have and the sacrifices they’ve made for the safety of all Americans. Your service will never be forgotten or taken for granted, and one annual holiday will never be enough to acknowledge what you’ve risked day in and day out.

-Carter Breazeale

PR/PR Public Relations

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