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Rest in Peace, Robin.

I had full intentions of writing this about the uproar surrounding the new Facebook Messenger requirements. I was going to write about the dichotomy between increased information and privacy invasion. I was going to throw numbers at you. Possibly increase your paranoia.

And then I got the news.

Robin Williams was found dead yesterday, the result of an apparent suicide. I’m going to set-aside his accomplishments in stand-up comedy; his acting prowess. I’m going to set aside Robin Williams quite possibly being the most likeable guy in Hollywood.

Robin Williams, to the outside world, was joy personified. The man appeared the embodiment of happy-go-lucky—the epitome of exuberance. That wasn’t enough.

This is an issue close to my heart. There is a disturbing stigma attached to mental illness in this country—and beyond—and Robin Williams’ death is another tragic example that we are still insufficiently-equipped to deal with it. The human condition is predisposed toward self-preservation, and in the case of depression, often leads to suffering in silence for fear of social consequences. Too often it leads to Robin’s heartbreaking outcome.

It’s okay to ask for help. There’s nothing “weak” about admitting you can’t go-it-alone.

So today, along with reflecting on Robin Williams’ life and accomplishments, we should think about the people in our lives who we know struggle with depression. Reach-out to them—a phone call, a meeting for coffee, or a text-message. It just may be what saves their life.

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