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Remembering George H.W. Bush

The Country lost two great patriots in 2018 in John McCain and George H.W. Bush. The 41st President, the 43rd Vice President, a congressman, the former head of the CIA, a war hero—George H.W. Bush devoted his life to public service. He was a statesman in every sense of the word, a politician from a seemingly forgotten time.

A time when a difference in opinion or policy did not represent a difference in humanity. You could disagree, but it was rare to disparage. It was a time when Washington, D.C. was built on relationships across the aisle, and do we miss those times right now. His enduring, post-presidency friendship with former rival Bill Clinton is emblematic of the D.C. of old.

Politics can be bitter and ruthless, but you checked your business at the door.

George H.W. Bush had been in poor health for some time, battling Parkinson’s disease for a number of years, his health visibly deteriorating in front of the public. Regardless of life’s accomplishments, age is unfortunately the great equalizer.

Bush passed gently in his Houston home on Sunday at the age of 94, his final words to his son George W. Bush: “I love you, too.”

This week the Country—and world—mourn the loss of another great leader. We need more like George Herbert Walker Bush.

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