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Redbox to Enter the Streaming Market

Redbox, the ubiquitous red kiosks that hastened the fall of Blockbuster, is determined not to suffer the same fate by maintaining their brand status quo. With streaming services now a go-to platform for entertainment, Redbox is shifting its strategy and entering into the streaming market.

Touting new partnerships with USA Today and TMZ, Redbox is prepared to launch Free Live TV, and formally dipping its toe into the ever-crowded world of streaming services. There’s no definitive date listed—just a nebulous “soon” on the company’s website, but it’s clear that Redbox is committed to continuing to compete in a changing landscape.

Blockbuster famously underestimated the power of on-demand rental services like Redbox, and as they realized the trouble brewing it was already too late. There’s now one remaining Blockbuster on the planet—located in Bend, Oregon, should you like to take a nostalgia trip.

With society moving toward more digital platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, it was clear that Redbox’s model based on physical movie and game rentals was falling out of favor. Their coming move into the world of streaming signals that they will not be caught snoozing as the market shifts around them.

As yet, there’s very little clarity on what content Redbox will have on Free Live TV, or any exclusive programming that it has secured. But it does show keen awareness to the realities of entertainment and the changes in its consumption, and Redbox is making the kinds of moves it needs to remain viable this year and beyond.    

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