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Online Brand Promotion is All About Personality

Your social media presence—and the content that your brand produces—is one of the most important arms of your marketing outreach efforts. But all too often, companies can find themselves in a trap where they’re merely promoting, as opposed to showing a bit of their personalities. No one wants advertisements and shameless self-promotion littering their timelines, and that’s why your online voice should be unique and entertaining.

Case in point: MoonPie.

Yes, MoonPie, the southern gas station snack standard, that has shed traditional corporate Twitter standards and instead uses its social media presence for hilarity, irreverence, and poking fun at users who dare insult the tastiness of its product.


By providing personality in its content and avoiding the all-too-familiar trap of straight brand promotion, MoonPie is giving users a reason to follow its account. The upside? Seeing how it interacts with others on social media actually makes you want to…buy a MoonPie. It’s fantastic stuff.

When you’re designing your social media strategy, take a tip from this marshmallow sandwich and stray from the path a bit. Create branded content that encourages interaction, and don’t be afraid to use a voice that’s slightly rough around the edges. You’ll secure more followers, boost your engagement, and ultimately, increase awareness for your brand.

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