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No Bad Dogs, Only Sad Looks

In the many great debates in society, fortunately, there is still one that isn’t polarizing.  You can’t talk religion or politics, but you can still talk dogs vs cats!  Both are wonderful!

Personally, I’m a dog person.  Cats are great, don’t get me wrong, and the cat my parents had when they retired was very special to us all.  However, I just prefer dogs.  We had two twin cock-a-poos while I was in school and as an adult, I’ve had golden retrievers and yellow labs.  I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t know his neighbors’ names, but I know the name of every dog when they get walked past my house. 

That’s why I love stories about dogs.  Recently, a news item caught my attention.  In the world we live in today, it’s nice to have some distractions to remind us of what our priorities will be again once this is all over.

The story was on the facial expressions of dogs.  There’s no debating puppies and dogs are cute and can look at you just so to melt your heart, but the theory now is that they do it on purpose.  I read an article years ago that puppies are like babies, in that since they can’t speak you have to watch their body language to make sure they’re being treated well at day care/the veterinarian.  Now that we know facial expressions are on purpose, we can watch those too for fear or excitement as we drop them off for a puppy play group.

What struck me the most about the articles is how much we value our dogs.  If we didn’t, they wouldn’t be spending time or money to study them.  So, find a dog to pet (it will lower your blood pressure, among other things), and stay safe, and wear your mask! 


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