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Never Stop Learning, Especially When It’s Free!

If you’ve been in the speaking/consulting business for a while, you know how important the referral can be.  If you’re new to it, you’ll quickly learn that having a colleague say, “I know a guy…” and mean you is very important.  What’s more important is knowing you can trust the people you refer to. If they don’t come through then you look bad, which I why I’m very careful about to whom I refer, and whole heartedly refer to Indie Books International

Henry and his team are offering one of their Marketing With A Book and Speech Summits. It is scheduled for 11 am PT on Tuesday, April 6. As a bonus, you will receive a copy of Henry’s book, Marketing With A Book.  Virtual seats are limited to allow for interaction. Register at

Here are three specific ideas or solutions you will learn more about, including and not limited to:

  1. Declare you are writing a book. Make the topic of interest to your prospective high-paying clients. Start researching best practices to share.
  2. Start hosting small-scale seminars for 5-8 prospects. Use LinkedIn to fill virtual events and live events when it is safe. This strategy comes from Harvard Business School professor David Maister, the champion of consultants. You speak and control when and where.
  3. Get published regularly. This can start with LinkedIn, then graduate to trade publications or even Inc. or (that’s where Henry covers business development).

And as a second bonus, Henry will give you a white paper on how to use LinkedIn to fill your client-attracting small-scale seminars. More impact. More influence. And more cash in your bank account.

As always Henry promises and delivers on:  No cost. No selling. No kidding.


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