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Netflix is Experimenting With Commercials, and People are Very Upset

Netflix, also the company known for killing your Blockbuster-fueled childhood, is tinkering with its streaming services—and people are mad online.

Over the weekend some Netflix users—their subscribers number over 100 million—began seeing something new in between episodes on their latest binge: commercials. While not commercials in the traditional sense, the media streaming company has been testing the idea of including show trailers for other programming between episodes.

Not a huge deal, right? Wrong. This is the internet.

Twitter was ablaze with users threatening to cancel their services and lambasting the company for including commercials on a service that they already pay a monthly subscription for.

Netflix, for its part, claims that the show promos are not commercials. Consumerism is in the eye of the beholder.

So while the streaming giant appears to be merely putting up a trial balloon for how these new “commercials” will impact its user base, they may have seen all they need to see from the social media reaction.

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