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Merry Christmas from PR/PR

For the second year in a row, it doesn’t feel a lot like Christmas here in Orlando. With temperatures hovering somewhere between hot and hotter and rainstorms sweeping across the state, it feels more like a midsummer week than the holidays.

I know many would gladly trade frozen streets and bitter cold for searing blacktops and afternoon heat, but it does put a damper on the “holiday feel” a bit. It’s a little more difficult to enjoy the refrain of “White Christmas” whilst sweating.

But what the weather attempts to spoil we can make up in holiday spirit. Christmas is a time to be surrounded by friends and family, and to celebrate the blessings that the year has bestowed, regardless of the temperature.

To our friends, colleagues, and clients, we truly wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, and hope that the holidays bring you joy and happiness.

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