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Media Hooks for the Holidays

The holidays evoke many sensory reactions. We’re a bit over a week out from Thanksgiving, but you can already smell the pine and cinnamon, you can imagine the hugs from your family that you have not seen so far this year, and you can taste each and every dish that will grace the table.

This time of year is incredibly special, and it’s also presents a unique opportunity in the public relations space. You see, the run up to New Year’s allows for some direct pitching to newsstand magazines and daily newspapers with a creative tie to the holiday season.

Are you a hiring expert? Conduct some media outreach about the hiring challenges around this time of year, and what HR personnel can do to mitigate it. Inversely, how can job-seekers overcome the scheduling speedbumps that present themselves in the final two months of the year?

Are you a sales trainer? Well, it can be a challenge to push a deal over the finish line when the end-of-year financial crunch comes into play. How can salespeople secure business in the backdrop of Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Perhaps your career focus resides in the IT space. Well, there’s going to be a deluge of new computers, tablets, and phones opened up on Christmas morning. Provide a step-by-step guidebook for potentially clueless or overwhelmed family members to get their loved ones all set-up on their new gadgets stress free.

Those are just a few examples of the ways you can tie your singular expertise to the holiday season when conducting media outreach for interviews. The connection may not appear obvious at first, but usually with a bit of brainstorming the picture becomes clearer—and as do the opportunities to apply your knowledge and capabilities to business situations in the context of the holidays.

The media is constantly seeking creative angles to approach common topics around the holiday season. Do some outside-the-box thinking, identify how your know-how applies, and stretch your topic to secure some valuable press before your carve the turkey or begin to open presents.

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