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With all due respect to Longfellow, I thought this was the best way to start this blog. 

This weekend I was binge watching Outlander, and got to an episode where Brianna was in school in Boston in the 1960’s.  Her History teacher was talking about Paul Revere and Samuel Prescott and their famous ride.  When a classmate of hers asked why no one had heard of Dr. Prescott, the teacher held up a copy of the famous poem and said, “Paul Revere had a better publicist!”

Some say we’re at war right now.  We’re battling for our health and our futures.  Just like all wars, this one will end, and we will be victorious.  And, just like other wars, some will be remembered and others will be forgotten. As crass as it sounds, the ones with the better publicist will be remembered. 

History is written by those who publish the history books.  I don’t know who said that, but it’s true.  When I was in school, all American history started with Plymouth Rock and Jamestown.  This is because all the history books are published in New England. Then, many years later, I moved to Florida and learned about St. Augustine which was settled hundreds of years before the other two towns, but just didn’t get the press they did.

Magazines are still publishing, even in a war.  They have column inches to fill and online content to develop.  Why not be a part of that content and be a part of those who are remembered when we’re on the other side of all this?

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