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Let’s Go to Mars!

Want to head to Mars? Of course you do, you world traveler, you. What about the Moon? You’ve seen those fuzzy images and videos from the 1960’s and 1970’s, so how would it sound to have some high-definition shots?

If extra-Earth travel sounds like a swell idea to you, then you’re likely already aware of this week’s news: Elon Musk wants to send you on a trip to outer space. Yep, the inventor-genius-madman-do-gooder announced this week that SpaceX would begin launching private citizens into space, with potential stops at the Moon and Mars on the horizon.

That’s one giant leap for vacation.

The Starship Mk1 is Musk’s latest brainchild, standing at a towering 387 feet with the ability to carry as many as 100 people. Like SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, it will be completely reusable.

The company is ambitiously eyeing private space travel within the coming year, with anticipated flights to the Moon and Mars earmarked for the near future, as well.

Talk about some lofty goals.

The world needs more Elon Musks—as quirky and peculiar as he can be. He famously became fed up with Los Angeles traffic, so he decided he would create a company—The Boring Company—to drill deep underground and create a subterranean tunnel with the sole purpose of avoiding bumper-to-bumper backups that plague L.A. This type of ingenuity is extremely rare, and Musk is a prime example of harnessing crazy ideas, streamlining them, and making them happen.

SpaceX has revolutionized and revitalized the space program in the United States, and with its new Starship Mk1 prototype, Elon Musk is on the cusp of bringing space travel to the masses.

Welcome to the future, world.

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