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Jump In, Your Life is Fine!

Now that we’re officially into Summer (I know, the first day of Summer is officially June 20th, but don’t most people start on Memorial Day?) we here in Florida are spending a lot more time at/in our pools.  Hopefully, those of you in Northern regions will get to use yours soon.

It has occurred to me that how a person enters a pool is a good metaphor for life.  Now, I know different people may enter a pool differently at different times, but that’s also how you approach life, differently at different times.  But still, let’s look at several popular ways of entering a pool.

One I like to call, just jump in!  This is my favorite.  I go to the deep-end and just jump.  I plunge under, getting my hair wet, and swim back to the surface.  I think many of the speakers and consultants we work with at PR/PR are similar swimmers.  To be in this business, sometimes you just have to leap!  Now, of course, you don’t want to leap if you don’t know how deep it is, or if the water is too murky to see the bottom.  However, if it’s your pool and you know it’s been treated, or you’re the guest of a host you trust, then hold your breath, take the dive, make a splash, and get enveloped in the cool, refreshing water!

Some people are half-way’ers.  They go in up to their waist to ‘test’ the water.  Sometimes they take the second step of going into their shoulders, but it can take a long time to get all the way in.  Now, maybe they have a drink in their hand and don’t want to spill it – well, put it aside and jump in!  Maybe they don’t want to get their hair wet – well, you can always fix it later, so jump in!  To fully enjoy the water, you need to commit to going all the way in! 

Those that sit on the side, and just stick a toe in might as well stay in the house and sweat!

So, enjoy your summer, enjoy your pool, and enjoy your life!

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