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It Doesn’t Have to Be New, It Just Has To Be Unique!

Although I’ve seen the commercial several times since the game in February, when I saw it and heard that trill again this morning a couple of new thoughts occurred to me.

Maybe it’s because I recently read that Cardi B has applied for trademark of her famous “Okurrr.” Or, maybe it’s because Carter is galivanting around Europe and I’m left to come up with a blog topic every Tuesday. Boy, he makes this look effortless.  But I really do think it’s because Cardi B’s application reminded me of a couple of aspects of article writing.

One aspect is to not reinvent the wheel, just put new rims on it.  In other words, use what’s you’ve already got:  a blog post, a key note, a book chapter; all of these make great article topics.  You may need to edit the content a bit for the style editors prefer.  Cardi B didn’t come up with the phrase O.K., she just made it her own with a little reformatting. 

Another way Miss B has reminded me of article writing is in what she’s applied for.  You need to protect your content.  When you pitch out your article never, I mean never, give away or sell the rights to it.  You want to be able to use the content of the article again and again.  You also don’t want to give exclusivity of the article.  Let the editor know up front you’re pitching it out on a non-exclusive basis and it will appear in other industry and association publications.  An exception, and we do this on occasion, is to give exclusivity within an industry.  It’s alright to let one construction association know it won’t be in any other construction association publications, but it still will be in the restaurant or insurance or auto industry publications. 

Saving the best aspect for last – the application made by Cardi B “…mostly covers merchandise, with separate filings made for paper goods.”  Which shows even a Millennial rapper recognized the on-going power of print! 

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