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Is The World Revolving Faster Around Social Media?

At the conclusion of every calendar year we are inundated with various ‘top ten lists’ and retrospectives detailing noteworthy events.  Here we are in September, and we’re already recounting memorable moments in 2011.  The common thread interwoven in these stories: social media, and how rapidly the globe seems to spin since we all plugged in to Facebook and Twitter.  The interesting twist?  Nearly every notable news story revolved around social networking and how its inception has ushered in a new era in the way we all interact.

News and current events are now instantaneous and comprised of second to second accounts from various social networking outlets.  At times, the 24 hour news cycle can seem exceedingly overwhelming; all it takes is poor cellphone reception and you’re the last one to know.  Clued in bloggers and beat-writers have become as reliable as contemporary news outlets, and considering the vast amount of red-tape required to verify and publish scoops, they’re faster, as well.

We’ve entered into a realm of uncharted interconnectedness.  You are literally one mouse-click away from locking down that meeting or scheduling that high-profile speaking engagement.  Taking to the pavement and purchasing advertising time has been replaced with Facebook ‘likes’ and Twitter hash tags, conference calls exchanged for Skype conversations.  Unquestionably, every business venture has been streamlined for efficiency and cost-effectiveness via social media.  The world simply isn’t the same.

With three and a half months left in 2011, there is still ample time for your endeavors to go viral.  Every tick of the minute hand marks a new happening somewhere across the globe, and with social networking, you can rest assured that we will all hear about it.  Utilize the tools at your disposal, connect with others so your message is heard, and become the person we read about when we refresh our newsfeeds.

-Carter Breazeale

PR/PR Public Relations

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