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Irma Update: We Made it Out the Other Side!

Well, that was…interesting.

After it seemed like Orlando was in the clear, Hurricane Irma decided a visit to the theme parks was definitely on her agenda. Things began to really get nasty Sunday evening, with the eye wall taking an eastward shift — bringing it right over us.

By late Sunday and early Monday most of Orlando was being battered by 80+mph wind gusts and blinding rain. It sounded like a busy interstate outside, but it was just…wind. We were greeted with that familiar freight train sound as Irma made her presence known.

Most of Orlando is without power, there are massive oak trees down everywhere and random debris littering the roads, but all things considered: we got lucky. Orlandoans were out in full-force Monday morning, chainsaws in hand, clearing trees and brush and helping neighbors. It’s what this city does.

The cleanup effort will be massive and time-consuming, but we’ll be alright. Extremely thankful for our friends and family throughout the state who came out the other side safely.

We’re open for business this week, but unfortunately the office is still without power. We still have full access to our email, so that would be the best method to reach us until further notice.

Thank you to everyone who reached out prior to Irma rolling through, and those who checked in after the storm had passed. Your support and well wishes provided comfort and confidence during a truly frightening event.

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