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How Do You Represent Yourself?

At PR/PR we encounter this, a lot.  Mr. Tobak brings up two very good points.

One deals with the level of expertise and credentials people flaunt these days.  The meaning of the phrase “best-selling” author has been watered down.  We deal with members of the media who tell us the amount of award-winning and best-selling books they see diminishes the accomplishments of those who came before.  Not to take away anything from a book that was a best seller for one hour in a sub-sub category on; with the thousands of books published each year that is quite an accomplishment to be proud of.  However, the media can Google that information very easily, so we recommend being careful how and when you use that accolade if you achieve it.

The other relates to the professional speakers we represent. It seems like more and more, I talk to very sweet, well-meaning people who have worked hard, persevered and overcome a personal tragedy or life-threatening disease.  They have a mindset which says they can write and self-publish a book to become rich and famous.  While we support them and encourage them and are proud of them, we have to let them know about the continued hard work and perseverance it’s going to take to become a self-supporting professional speaker.

Just because PR/PR represents only professional speakers and non-fiction authors, doesn’t mean we’re the right agency for every professional speaker and non-fiction author.

– Russell

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