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Honesty Has Gone to The Dogs

It’s one thing to put a positive light on an otherwise bad situation, but you never want to go so far as to lie about it.  And, mostly, just the unvarnished truth is the best policy.

Case in point is a chihuahua named ‘Prancer’ who is labeled as unadoptable.  That is, until this brutally honest ad ran online.  No ‘cute’ or ‘cuddly’ for Prancer, oh no.  It’s all “…neurotic, man hating, animal hating, children hating dogs that look like gremlins,” for him. 

Of course, as always, being brutally honest has worked! The original post has gone viral, the story has been picked up by multiple media outlets, and there’s now a waiting list to give Prancer his fur-ever home.  There is also the ripple effect for the other animals at the Second Chance Pet Adoption League.  If you can’t have Prancer, how about a pet that actually is cute and cuddly? 

Now, one might ask about the original ads that were placed for Prancer?  Were those lies?  Was the SCPAL trying to pull one over on the people looking to adopt?  I say, ‘No!’  I’ve always argued that it’s not a lie if you’re telling the truth as you know it at the time.  If the circumstances change, and you get new information, then your point of view can change to reflect the new-truth that has come to light.  If you continue with your original statement, in spite of knowing it’s not accurate, then you’ve got a lie on your hands. 

So, no matter how tempting it is to “sell” a situation, to dress it up all flowery and perfumed, honesty will always be the best policy.  People are more likely to believe you when you do put on a spin knowing you’ll spin it back, as needed.

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