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Holographic Facebook? Yep.

What’s better than actual reality? Facebook’s virtual reality, of course. Word on the Silicon Valley streets is that Facebook is concocting an application that would give viewers a “spherical” view of the social media platform on their smartphones. Think of it as Obi Wan Kenobi as a hologram—but like…with Facebook. And on a phone.

Facebook purchased the virtual reality program Oculus (as they are wont to do) last year for a cool couple of billion dollars, and immediately there was some speculation as to how the VR technology applied to Facebook’s cache of online programs. They were confident enough in Oculus to move forward with production of direct virtual reality headsets, but merely acquiring a company and allowing them to continue operating as normal has never been Facebook’s M.O.

There’s always incorporation into Facebook’s existing business model, in some form or fashion. Instagram was seamlessly integrated into Facebook’s interface. WhatsApp’s underlying tech became the framework for Facebook’s voice call application.

And now we know the plans for Oculus.

The 360 degree smartphone visual projections make perfect sense for Facebook. It takes the acquired existing technology, creates something fresh and expands the Oculus market from just gamers to every individual. It’s nothing new for Facebook, but as they’ve proven time and time again with the moves they make after acquiring other companies, it’s certainly new for us.

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