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Happy Independence Day!

Incredible to believe we’re halfway through the year already, but time just seems to be moving at a rapid fire pace these days. We’re still in summer’s infancy, but it’s already oppressively hot down here in Florida. That means July has definitely arrived, and we’re celebrating America’s birthday this Thursday, July 4th.

This great American Experiment began in parlors and bars and around kitchen tables. It began first with whispers and grew into a roar throughout the Thirteen Colonies rose up to overthrow the tyranny from abroad. It’s certainly not been perfect since the United States was formally founded in 1776, but like with any experiment, it has required tests and trials and constant evolution to form a better, more perfect Union.

We celebrate that Union on Thursday with the usual fare: food, drinks, fireworks. It’s a day for revelry yet also a day for remembrance of the Founding Fathers who laid the framework for a new country. We celebrate our independence with all of the trappings of summer, but remain grateful for the courage and sacrifice of those brave patriots who took up arms to form a new nation.

So enjoy your Independence Day! One business addendum: PR/PR will be closed Thursday and Friday, but returning to the offices on Monday morning. Have a safe and happy 4th!

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