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Happy Anniversary!

My how the time flies. One year ago I volunteered for what would morph into one of my massive responsibilities: manning the S.S. PRBlog and keepin’er seaworthy and afloat. While we haven’t nicked any icebergs or found ourselves in the blogging Bermuda triangle, there was, admittedly, an adjustment period that accompanies any new and uncharted undertaking. We’ve run the topical gamut in one calendar year: from political analyses from a public relations viewpoint to admittedly embittered rants on Dwight Howard and the Atlanta Braves, it’s been an interesting ride thus far. So while I take a moment to adorn my own personal blogger’s birthday cake with all the necessary accoutrements, let’s examine some of the highlights from The PRess Release’s first year.   

The Indianapolis Rundown

Everyone around the office is acutely aware of my excitement when my sports-centered blog ideas are approved. This one was a joy to brainstorm and write, as I was still coming down from Super Bowl Sunday euphoria, and knew that putting Indy under the social media microscope was a worthy and necessary topic. The payoff was more than we could’ve imagined at the starting gate, as the post was picked up and shared via Twitter by the company who organized the publicity for Super Bowl XLVII, garnering some new followers and earning the blog captain a congratulatory pat on the back from the boss man.

Outlining PR Landmines

Politics has always been an area of interest for myself, and with 2012 being an election year, I’ve had the pleasure to write about the various happenings surrounding the Presidential race. One post in particular that garnered some attention focused on PR landmines and verbal gaffes, two aspects of politics that occur quite often in politics. The racist namesake of Rick Perry’s Texas ranch, Howard Dean’s infamous scream and Barack Obama’s shady business dealings with domestic terrorists: all ammunition for political opponents, a potential downfall and a topic that readers want to see.  

Waxing Nostalgic with MTV

This was one of Lindsay’s personal favorites, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t include it here. Pop-culture is a revolving door of what’s considered hip and what’s not. I shudder to think of some of the music I listened to in the late-nineties, but hey, at the time, it was par for the course. MTV is not the same beast it once was; you know – one that involved music. This piece took a look at MTV’s shift from a music-oriented television channel to a reality-based outfit, and the ups and downs associated with a drastic change in identity. In publicity it is essential to keep your finger to the wind as to the changing trends, and that’s why I enjoyed crafting this post.

So you’ve stuck with us for a year, and I can promise more quality content from your favorite resident blogger on Monday afternoons. Thank you for your support, and continuing to read about all things public relations-related here at The PRess Release.

-Carter Breazeale

PR/PR Public Relations

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