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Google Knows Its ABC’s

When your corporation consists of technological ventures as varied as self-driving cars, YouTube and cloud computing, things can get convoluted very fast. What role does the original company vision play in these new projects? Are you still the same entity? When I purchase shares, where exactly is my money going?

Google provided a resounding answer to these questions, announcing Google Alphabet, a new parent holding company created to allow Google the freedom to continue with their non-conventional business model while allaying any shareholder fears. Imagine if you dropped the $500 plus for one share of stock and discovered that it went directly to the production of Lively. Money well spent? Nope.

Google’s penchant for experimentation is well-documented, leading to some true innovations within their corporate identity. Rapidly expanding from their search engine origins, they’ve designed applications and platforms that have revolutionized the Internet. Sure, Google+ was a flop, but when you’re constantly throwing darts you’re bound to miss the target on occasion.

Alphabet is now the umbrella company under which Google operates, showing that they are ahead of the creative curve in Silicon Valley. Speaking of, their announcement proves they’ve got a sense of humor as well. A global tech conglomerate that appreciates Mike Judge’s HBO comedy? I’ll invest in that.

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