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Find Your Audience and Stick to It

As a self-proclaimed product of the ‘MTV-generation’ I vividly remember Everclear’s album So Much for the Afterglow dominating the airwaves in the mid-nineties.  The band’s infectious take on radio-friendly alternative rock music was inescapable; you simply heard it everywhere.  The smash lead-single Everything to Everyone propelled the group to superstardom, and provided a musical commentary on people-pleasing and spreading yourself too thin.  With the song’s nostalgic melody echoing in my memory this morning, I realized how appropriate and applicable the lyrical content is to the world of public relations.

It’s basic human nature to strive for acceptance and widespread approval.  From childhood achievements placed on refrigerators to a boss’ handshake after securing a high-profile client, the desire for recognition is ingrained in every one of us.  It’s one of the motivating factors that acts as a propellant to success, but acting overzealously can cause a loss of focus and prove to be an obstacle professionally.

With PR/PR’s extremely diverse client base there are many precise markets that are targeted. Izzy Kalman, for example, is making immense inroads in the management and prevention of bullying, and Jen Fitzpatrick, an author and expert in the field of early onset Alzheimer’s disease.  Each of these clients has enjoyed tremendous success by aligning their brand and message with their specific audience and avoiding extraneous niches which would not provide tangible results.

While widespread exposure is always the name of the game, the key is to hone in on the market that will be most beneficial to you and your business.  There will always be detractors from what you do; those who do not appreciate your take on a particular topic or stance on an issue.  Adjusting your brand in a feeble attempt to recruit those from the ‘other side of the fence’ is a foolhardy venture, and will surely muddle your message and set you back (not to mention act as an albatross on your resources.)  Some people simply cannot be swayed, regardless of content, intent, or integrity.  Accept this fact, move forward, and shake hands with the correct crowd.

It’s often astounding how the subconscious mind works, and how simply humming a 90’s tune became an issue of relevance in the field of PR, and the subject of this week’s blog post.  It’s often difficult to ‘censor’ yourself, so to speak, but you should fortify your efforts around feasible opportunities, not simply grasp at the wind in hopes of a lead or break.  With pinpointed PR and name-branding that highlights your message and business, you will be heard and recognized by the right people. 

-Carter Breazeale

PR/PR Public Relations

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