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Fallout From the Ashley Madison Breach

Ashley Madison, the website designed to connect people seeking an affair, was hacked in July—but the scope of the fallout is just now starting to take shape. The details of over 33 million accounts were released to the web—including email addresses, credit card information and IP addresses—and individuals combing through the data are finding some interesting names. From Josh Duggar to Orlando’s own State’s Attorney and Casey Anthony prosecutor Jeff Ashton, some highly visible individuals have been snared in the Ashley Madison leak.

Just more bigwigs who don’t understand the concept that everything you do online can be tracked and monitored, and there’s a chance that information you’d rather keep behind closed doors will end up on front pages.

In a year’s span that included two celebrity photo leaks and a litany of stars being exposed for inappropriate behavior on social media, you would think that these high profile people would conduct themselves in a much more guarded manner online.

Are they operating out of hubris? An overestimation of Internet security? Ignorance? I suppose it does not matter. When sites like Ashley Madison are hacked and its information leaked, celebrities are no longer on their pedestals. They make dumb decisions just like the rest of us.

Solution? Vet each and every site that you use, and each and every piece of data that you send electronically. Acknowledge that it may someday end up in the public domain. Comfortable with that?—Go right ahead. No? Delete, delete, delete.

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