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Facetime Party Time

How do you feel about organized chaos? Like shouting over people? If so, you really enjoyed Apple’s WWDC 2018 event yesterday where it announced the marquee feature coming to iOS 12: Facetime for up to 32 people.

Sounds like a multimedia mosh pit.

Apple’s WWDC event announced several new improvements and features, but the headline addition was the ability to video chat with an elementary school classroom’s amount of participants. Apple is famous for adding functionalities previously available on other platforms, and this update to Facetime draws a direct parallel to Google’s Hangouts—one of the few remaining facets of the now-defunct Google+.

Organized chaos aside, the ability to add a boatload of participants to Facetime calls does have an immediate benefit for businesses with staff on the go. In a work environment that now features many remote employees, it makes a lot of sense for Apple to adjust its Facetime app so it functions as a conference call client. Staff meetings in Uber rides are about to be a thing.

Looking at the personal side, as much as it sounds like absolute pandemonium, Facetiming multiple people all over the globe at the same time will be a lot of fun. As someone who has made friends through my travels, I appreciate the prospect of getting the whole group together for a digital reunion.

Apple’s annual WWDC event continues to make headlines, and this year is no different. When iOS 12 is released, you can discuss future WWDC announcements over Facetime with 31 others.

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