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Facebook Enters a New Market

Another week, another edition of the PR/PR blog. It’s hard to believe that we’re already cruising toward the second quarter of 2017, but time flies in Public Relations Land. We just wrapped up our two big events of the year, as Russell returned from the NSA Winter Conference in San Francisco and Lady in the Champs in Las Vegas. I know he had a blast meeting some new faces and catching up with familiar ones.

Social Media Land, as always, has been a busy place as well. Snap Inc.’s IPO shattered expectations, leading to a valuation of $34 billion, setting a high bar for other tech and social media platforms to reach.

But one interesting development is Facebook’s reported interest in hosting TV-style content, putting itself in direct competition with the likes of Hulu, Netflix and Amazon. This is the new realm of social media, where advertising is king.

Facebook’s IPO wasn’t as calamitous as Twitter’s—and the post-rollout operations have not been as chaotic, either. But when seeking mediums to implement ads—without making them overwhelming or annoying for the user base—hosting television shows seems like an appropriate conduit. Facebook recently unveiled the Facebook video application, signaling the company’s desire to increase its footprint in the online video arena. That move seems to have laid the groundwork for Facebook to go full Netflix.

There’s no anticipated timeline for Facebook’s new feature, but it will be interesting to watch the company compete with the other giants in on-demand media space.

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