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Every day should be Memorial Day, and every day should be Veterans Day.

Today’s post is a guest blog by speaker, forthcoming author, and my sister:  Lynda L. Trahan-Greene

I am so grateful for those that chose/choose to serve our country.  That tradition started in my family in 1864 when my great, great grandfather chose to join the Civil War in Troy, New York, two years before the age of conscription (which is now called “the draft”).  Thank you to all of my ancestors and relatives that served, and thank you to everyone that has served and continues to serve.  I am proud that Renia Trahan, a Canadian by birth, decided to fight for the unity of his new country in order to abolish slavery.

The word “unity” has taken on a deeper meaning in 2020.  We are all sanitizing together, distancing together, and most importantly, learning together.  This time, we are unifying for our very lives. 

Finding the unity in difficult situations at the office is not always easy, however, as a means of relationship building, unity is priceless.  Why should we celebrate diversity when we can cherish unity? 

I challenge all of you to find that Unity Factor that works for you.  When you find your Unity Factor, it’s a necessary device to be remembered and duplicated, over and over.  When stress is overwhelming, you will be able to fall back on a sense of unity with your employees, co-workers, suppliers and customers that will feel familiar. 

Preparation for probable future stress is not something that is taught in school.  Meditation and yoga are wonderful tools, however, when the going gets rough, the Unity Factor is more readily available.

One of my favorite Unity Factors, is to simply be grateful.  Thank the copy machine repairperson for still being willing to visit your office, thank the restaurant worker for the extra side of ranch dressing in your takeout order, and thank your assistant for coming in today!  There are many other tools that can be considered Unity Factors.  Gift giving, compliments and actually listening are quality items that make a difference 40 hours a week.  What are your favorite Unity Factors? – Lynda L. Trahan-Greene


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