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Emmy Highlights 2014

Awards shows are a guilty pleasure of mine. There’s nothing better than drunken rich people with microphones—it’s always a recipe for following day blog-fodder. Unfortunately, last night’s Emmys were the award show equivalent of watching paint dry. No stage-crashing. No rambling acceptance speeches that border on self-involved word-vomit. Station-to-station, it was a three hour exercise in “play-it-safe” emceed by human manila folder Seth Meyers. I miss Ricky Gervais. With that in mind, here are my highlights.

Breaking Bad Crushes It

As expected, Breaking Bad took home all of the major categories where it was nominated, the most contentious of which was Bryan Cranston’s win for best actor in a drama. Any other year and Matthew McConaughey would have taken home the Emmy for his portrayal of Rust Cohle in True Detective, but competing against the final season of Breaking Bad in any category is a recipe for a snub.

Billy Crystal’s Robin Williams Tribute

Billy Crystal’s touching memoriam to Robin Williams was right up there with the best moments in Emmy history. His story about Robin in the broadcast booth at a Mets game was a perfect example of Robin’s quick-wit and ability to find humor in any situation, and only made us miss him more. It was a perfect tribute that celebrated the joy that Williams brought to others, and did not harp on the sadness of his loss.

Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis-Dreyfus Make Out

Alluding to their onscreen kiss on Seinfeld while they presented an award together, they reenacted it later on when Louis-Dreyfus was approaching the stage to accept her award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy. It was some much-needed comedic relief in a show that had been particularly stale up to that point.

Stefani’s Botches Colbert’s Name

In one of the only flubs of the evening, Gwen Stefani channeled her inner John Travolta and mumbled through Stephen Colbert’s name. Not really a highlight or a lowlight, but in a show that went about as smooth as live-television can, it was worth a mention.

So there’s your 2014 Emmy roundup. Here’s hoping next year we see more sloshed celebrities and red carpet disasters.

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