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Elon Musk, Good Guy, Wants to Save the World

Elon Musk, mega-billionaire, mad scientist and godhead of gadgetry wants to save the world.

No, not from the inevitable heat death of the universe, or a rogue comet rocketing into our atmosphere. Elon Musk wants to save us from the perils and “soul-crushing” snares of traffic.

Revered for his ingenuity; his innovative accomplishments including PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, and the embryonic travel mechanism Hyperloop, Musk suddenly has his sights on more pressing matters than Mars.

Lamenting the glacial lurch of Los Angeles traffic, Elon has decided to fight back against the bumper-to-bumper nature of LA freeways. Instead of allowing them to beat him into submission—he’s going subterranean.

Starting as a series of seemingly innocuous tweets bemoaning a city known for Carmageddon as much as its film industry, Musk is once again turning words into action. He has founded the aptly named, “Boring Company,” and has begun tunneling underneath the city. His aim is to alleviate the snarling congestion that plagues Los Angeles, starting at SpaceX HQ to allow his employees safe and quick travel across the campus. The apparent end goal appears to be a network of complex tunnels beneath LA, providing a medium for pedestrian travel—and ultimately getting folks out of their cars.

Elon Musk has endless resources, and a mind that appears to never stop searching for science fiction solutions to real world problems. We’ll see where this idea heads, but it’s safe to say that Mr. Musk is the ultimate Good Guy for even attempting to save the residents of LA from its awful traffic.

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