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It’s Convention Time

It’s that time of year; five-minutes outdoors in Orlando and you feel like Cohaagen on the surface of Mars in Total Recall, just waiting for the eyes-bulging-rapid-decompression. This time of year for PR/PR entails an air-conditioner on maximum-output and holding down the fort while the rest of the crew enjoy the relative polar-vortex of a San Diego summer at the 2014 NSA convention.

The annual National Speakers Association convention is a requisite event for us. Since our inception we have enjoyed a fruitful relationship with NSA—one that has brought us the clientele that form the lifeblood of our agency; professional speakers from all walks-of-life, and consultants and experts from a variety of backgrounds who imparted invaluable knowledge upon our staff, past and present.

This year’s theme is ‘Perform,’ and it’s an apt one. To perform at your peak requires trial, error, learning and growth. It requires persistence and perseverance to achieve goals in the face of adversity—and it parallels the objectives of PR/PR’s client-relationship; to excel in the areas of public relations, and elevate our own skills to achieve the aims of our client-base.

Our clients are our essence, and we’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of them in our travels each and every summer—and that’s why the NSA convention is so important.

Russell and Lindsay will be holding down the booth in San Diego during the convention while I hold down the office in Orlando. If you’re attending, make sure you come by and say hello!

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