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Commemorating 75 Years Since D-Day

75 years ago on Thursday, thousands of American troops, accompanied by European allies, stormed the beaches of Normandy, France, to defend the world against tyranny and fascism. Soldiers, young and old, took up arms in the name of their country and fearlessly fought against the Nazi regime.

It would prove to be the most pivotal invasion in the history of United States warfare, and the sacrifices made by those soldiers in that early battle on the beach paved the way for the eventual Victory in Europe.

World War II transformed the geopolitical landscape forever, the aftershocks of which are still affecting the world as we know it today. Without the bravery of those men who charged into machine gun fire in Normandy, we’d likely be living in a vastly different world. On the heels of Memorial Day, we salute those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom 75 years ago.  

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