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Cheers to Ten Years!

Well, to start: Congratulations to your 2017 NCAA Football National Champs, the Clemson Tigers. What a football game (that I missed because my Monday exhaustion led to passing out at halftime)! The second half highlights were great, though. Cheers to Tiger Nation—lend some of that Southern Good Luck over to your Atlanta Falcons this Saturday. America’s Team 2017.

Slight sarcasm—but I digress.

While we’re celebrating the best month of football of the year, we’re also celebrating a major tech milestone. Yesterday, January 9th, was the 10 year anniversary of the IPhone; the singular product that trumpeted the advent of the Internet Age. Prior to 2007, mobile online accessibility was limited to wallet-wrenching data plans, glacial loading times, and typically text-only site views. Apps were the calamari before the ribeye. Digital music players crammed your pockets next to your cellphone.

Enter IPhone, and enter a new era of interconnectedness. An era that virtually erased the Blackberry, MapQuest, and the IPod. An era that replaced clunky buttons with sleek-but-sometimes-frustrating touchscreens.

An era that put a computer in everyone’s pocket, and revolutionized our personal and professional lives.

In 2006 it was difficult to imagine the impact the IPhone would have—or if it would even succeed. In 2017, it’s hard to imagine how we got by in 2006. Apple put the world at our fingertips, and streamlined how society works.

So here’s to ten great, transformative years, Apple IPhone. We’re all eager to see what innovations you have in store for us between now and 2027.

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