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As the election process continues to churn along, one of the more intriguing storylines (other than what will come out of The Donald’s mouth next) has been whether or not Vice President Joe Biden will enter the fray. The status of Biden’s potential run seems to change from day-to-day.

“Sources say he’s running.”

“Talked to a Biden advisor who says it appears unlikely that the VP will run for president.”

“CNN has a podium on standby should Joe Biden appear at the debate.”

Biden Watch 2015 has become a political circus of sorts (what political speculation isn’t) but there’s no debating this: it’s time to jump in or clear out. The hour is getting late, and in a political landscape that can raise a candidate on a stratospheric pedestal and bury them in the same news cycle, it’s blindingly apparent that Biden needs to announce something soon.

Many news outlets are reporting that the Biden camp—under mounting pressure to make a decision either way—will let the public know soon if he’ll throw his hat into the ring.

Washington does not wait, and if Biden continues spinning his wheels we might see some talking heads spin off. Anticipation is one thing, but prolonged anticipation to the point of antagonizing is another. Joe’s got the media in the palm of his hand at the moment, but the attention—and public support—can slip through his fingers if he continues to drag this out.

So we continue the holding pattern. At least this glorious clip of Larry David transforming into Bernie Sanders exists while we bide our time and twiddle our thumbs.

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