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Autumn is the Time for Publicity

What a wild few days here at PR HQ. The water, bread and peanut butter and jelly were purchased. The lawn furniture and (extensive) Halloween decorations were secured. Your publicity professionals were sufficiently hunkered down. The decades old oak trees were looming.

Thankfully, Hurricane Matthew took a last-minute path further eastward, sparing Orlando from what was expected to be the worst of the storm. There was some slight tree damage around town, but quite the break for our city. Can’t say the same for our friends along the coast, and especially for Haiti and the Caribbean. Absolutely devastating and heartbreaking destruction; our thoughts are with those who were affected by Matthew.

We’ve got a couple of busy weeks coming up on the PR front. With the 2016 IMC USA Conference in Washington, D.C. next week, it starts the countdown clock to begin your publicity campaigns for 2017.

There’s a bit of a misconception regarding the media in the final quarter of the year; that they slow down, that they’ve already mapped out their final editions before the calendar turns and they put it on autopilot until the calendar turns.


If you’re seeking a boost in visibility and name-recognition in the upcoming year, the time to get started is now. Many trade, industry and association publications work with 60-90 day lead times, meaning the article that you wrote may begin getting placed in print in January. This begins the seamless stream of publicity that we aim for with our clients.

So join Russell in D.C., or call for a complimentary consultation on how PR/PR can help you achieve your publicity needs and goals for next year and beyond.

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