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Another Former Giant Falls

So the RNC was a circus, and the DNC is off to the same, tumultuous start. One convention that seems to be going swimmingly? NSA Influence 2016, of course! The convention wraps up today, so make sure to swing by and visit Russell at PR/PR’s booth.

While the conventions of our two major political parties got underway, so were negotiations in the sale of another once-great online mainstay. On Monday morning it was announced that Yahoo had been purchased by Verizon for $4.83 billion. In 2000, Yahoo reached its peak value: $125 billion.

Talk about cratering.

Yahoo, one of the original online heavy-hitters and extremely popular search engine, is yet another example of a longstanding internet outlet that failed to adapt. Google and Facebook outpaced Yahoo in innovation, ingenuity and engagement.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: adapt or die.

It’s unknown how Verizon plans to utilize Yahoo going forward, or what will become of embattled CEO Marissa Mayer. Verizon may attempt an all-out rebrand, ala Justin Timberlake’s purchase of Myspace in 2011. Historically, the internet has not been a kind place for rebrands or reboots, but maybe a Verizon-led Yahoo is able to buck that trend.

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