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Amazon Abandons the Pharma Market

It’s no stretch to say that Amazon runs the retail world. Its direct-to-consumer online order model has revolutionized the way that people purchase merchandise and goods, making it one of the biggest companies on the globe. But it was reported yesterday that Amazon will not be dominating the medical space, as Jeff Bezos’s corporation is scrapping plans for a foray into pharmaceutical sales.

It was reported late last year that Amazon was primed to enter into the online pharmaceutical sales arena, a move that would expand the company’s dominance into yet another industry. Already a purveyor of medical supplies, Amazon was to begin shipping bulk medicines to drug stores and hospitals.

Well, pharmaceuticals seemed a bit more of a complicated area than even Bezos anticipated, and it was announced yesterday that Amazon has abandoned that idea for the foreseeable future.

Pharma sales obviously present unique challenges, especially in the realm of regulation. It’s not like selling Breaking Bad boxsets or 55-gallon barrels of lube. It requires very specific supply-chain organization, temperature controls, and obvious liability issues that don’t exist with many of the other retail spaces they occupy.

Frankly, the potential move seemed a bit too ambitious.

But don’t count Bezos out. Amazon has not ruled out the possibility of formally entering the pharmaceutical market in the future, and you can bet that once they do it will once again revolutionize the marketplace.

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