PR/PR is a full-service boutique publicity agency specializing in professional speakers, consultants, and non-fiction authors. We place our clients in front of their target audience through print media and online sources.

Article Placements


Article Placements in Industry & Trade Magazines for Speakers, Consultants, and Non-Fiction AuthorsIn order to climb up the market share ladder, you must establish yourself as an industry connoisseur. What better way to do that than by DIRECTLY COMMUNICATING with members of your target trade through article placement?

With PR/PR, your articles will be seen by top business people, which will help you gain name recognition on a national level.

PR/PR will help you gain notoriety as an industry expert by:

  • Targeting appropriate industry and trade magazines and bombarding them with news and information about you and/or your book
  • Targeting associations and trade groups within these areas
  • Getting original articles of yours placed into appropriate publications
  • Contacting you when we receive important feedback from anyone

Not only will you establish yourself as a master of the industry by releasing your articles in these select publications, but you also will drive traffic to your business! Included at the end of your articles will be information about you, your book / product / service, your company, and your contact information.

By printing information and articles in trade, industry and association publications, you will SAVE TIME and MONEY because you will not be wasting these valuable resources advertising to people outside your target market.

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