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An Interview with Russell

For your Tuesday afternoon blog consumption, head over to for a fantastic interview with The Prez himself, Russell Trahan. In an insightful interview, Russell speaks with Ron Rosenberg about strategic marketing and building name recognition through placing articles in business, trade, and association publications.

Charlottesville is a Symptom

“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” That was the prescient, final Facebook post by Heather Heyer, a 20-year old woman who was mowed down by a car during a counter-protest against white nationalists, the KKK, and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia. The anger and division in this country has been simmering beneath the surface for decades—and within the past…

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Football is Back, But What About the NFL’s Ratings?

I’ve been waiting for this week since February 5th, the day I felt my soul separate from my physical body as I watched Tom Brady engineer the most incredible comeback in Super Bowl history. I still have the Atlanta Falcons chili that I made for the game, freezer burned and petrified, as some sad reminder of what became of Atlanta…

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The Mooch Has Left the Building

When your newly-minted White House Communications Director prefers to communicate in…ahem…creative terms, he may not be long for the position. When that same comms director appears to assume that conversations with reporters are automatically off-the-record—well, same result. This is the cautionary tale of Anthony Scaramucci—The Mooch—who was ousted as the White House Communications Director less than 10 days after his…

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Join PR/PR at IMC USA 2017!

Summer is slowly receding, and that’s why you should make registering for the IMC USA conference prior to August 31st a final season priority. With that purchase, you can meet Russell and his traveling candy bowl at the Institute of Management Consultants USA Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. If you’re a speaker looking to network, attend thought-provoking keynotes and breakouts from…

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Ruminating on the Robot Takeover

The last time that Good Guy Elon Musk graced the PR/PR blog, it was in admiration of his singular battle against one of mankind’s greatest threats: traffic. As you’ll recall, Musk, so annoyed by Los Angeles’ freeway gridlock, embarked on a journey to create a network of subterranean tunnels so his commute was free of frustration. What a guy. This…

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