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How to Get the Most Publicity in Newspapers and MagazinesHow to Get the Most Publicity in Newspapers and Magazines Download
Ever wonder why some of your competitors make more money and that they are considered experts in their field? Have you ever wondered why they’re doing so well? Their secret weapon: They know how to use the power of print and other forms of media to advance their careers.


Develop Your HookDevelop Your Hook Download
Whether you are a speaker who dreams of increasing your fees and selling
more products, or an author who strives to sell more books and gain national exposure, publicity is your answer. Advancing your career is about making sure people see your name everywhere; once you learn how to harness the power of the media, you will finally get you the recognition you deserve. Isn’t it time you did something about your publicity?


How to Write Articles that Magazines Will Publish Download
Get publicity for your company by publishing articles in magazines. Pam Lontos explains why articles work and how to get your articles published.


How to Get a Hook to Work for You Download
Learn how to build your business with media exposure. Pam Lontos explains “What is a Hook” and how a good hook can get you more publicity.
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