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Will We See You in Dallas?

Will we see you in Dallas for NSA Influence 2018? We sure hope so! This year’s theme is “The Power of Choice,” a simple yet insightful notion that you can truly be the architect of your own success.

The first step in crafting your career? Attending NSA Influence 2018. Online registration is now closed, but you can still swing by the registration desk located in the Peacock Terrace at the Hilton Anatole to confirm your attendance.

As sponsors of the National Speakers Association for well over a decade, PR/PR prepares for this convention for the entire year. Russell will of course be in attendance—his Lucky 13th!—and looking forward to catching up with familiar faces, meeting some new ones, and talking the importance of publicity for speakers, non-fiction authors, coaches and consultants.

Along with his usual spot manning the company booth, Russell will be hosting a session, as well. His presentation, “Sell Yourself Without Saying a Word,” takes place on Saturday, July 14, from 11-11:45 AM in the Sapphire Room. As Influence is always a busy event, if you’re unable to attend Russell’s session while at the convention you can use this link: to schedule a personal appointment during NSA ’18.

We’re excited to see you July 14th – July 17th in Dallas!

Closed for the 4th

The windows are thick with condensation from the early morning humidity. The grass is growing faster than I can cut it. And without fail, my satellite television goes out right during the second World Cup match of the day due to mid-afternoon Florida thunderstorms. We’re in the Dog Days of Summer now.

But that means we’re nearing Independence Day—one of the only days Floridians decide to go outdoors between June – August. We can brave the heat for a barbecue, but a barbecue is the only reason.

It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through 2018, but here we are staring down one of the biggest celebrations of the year. PR/PR will be closing its offices tomorrow to partake in the festivities, but we will be open and ready to work for the remainder of the week. We hope you have a safe and Happy 4th, and we’ll see you Thursday morning!

Marketing With a Book and Speech Summit 2018

Did you just put the finishing touches on a paradigm-shifting business book? Did you just complete the final paragraph of a presentation that you’ve been working on for years? Are you starting to write your first book, or did you just open a Word document to begin crafting a speech? In either scenario, join us in Dallas for the Marketing With a Book and Speech Summit!

Henry DeVries and Mark LeBlanc will be hosting the event, and are coauthors of the book “Build Your Consulting Practice,” and cofounders of Indie Books International, based in Oceanside, CA.  With combined expertise that includes multiple award-winning business books and a past NSA presidency, DeVries and Leblanc will provide insight and techniques for every step of writing a book that boosts your business.

At the summit you’ll learn how to generate leads with a book, the appropriate fee range for your speeches, and why a book is your best marketing tool and a speech is your best marketing strategy.

Russell will be speaking as well, covering topics ranging from utilizing article placement for PR, and leveraging articles in business, trade and industry publications for a boost in name recognition.

The Marketing With a Book and Speech Summit will be held in Dallas the Friday, July 13th—before NSA 2018 kicks off—at the Courtyard Dallas Central Expressway from 1-4pm. Bonus: it’s free! If you’d like to reserve your spot, please call 760-445-4181 or email

We hope to see you there!

In Atlanta? Come Say Hello!

Normally when we activate the PR/PR Roadshow it involves tables, and boxes, and banners, and handouts, and…mints. This week? We’ve trimmed down!

Russell is en route to Atlanta today to attend David Neagle’s Art of Success Summit. While PR/PR won’t be present in its traditional capacity, Russell still would like to speak with you about publicity and the ways that article placement in trade, industry and association publications can boost your career.

If you happen to be attending the Art of Success Summit or find yourself in the Atlanta area this week, make sure you say hello!

IHOb Inspires Internet-wide Facepalms

Full disclosure: I am a Waffle House man. I like my diners with a bit of grit—its character on full display in the form of well-worn booths from late night sustenance, the loud clatter of skillets on the stove, the sizzle of frozen beef hitting the cook top. It’s a southern staple, and it never lacks for personality—or personalities. Never change, Waffle House.

But change? Well, IHOP certainly did that yesterday. The company has been teasing a rebrand to IHOb for weeks now, and on Monday The International House of Pancakes finally announced its conversion over to the International House of Breakfast Burgers. Burgers?

Burgers. If you feel like you’ve been duped, you’re not alone. Pancakes are the marquee food offering at IHOP, but it’s always offered a wide variety of omelets, waffles, and French toast. The transition over to the International House of Breakfast seemed like a natural extension to feature its other items. But alas: we got burgers.

And we’ve bone to pick, as well. For us serious about our late-night breakfasts, we don’t like surprises. We want our staples, we want them piping hot, and we want familiarity. Waffle House has offered burgers for decades, but they never felt like an interloper or a feature that outshined the company’s namesake. IHO(b) had to know this was going to go poorly, but it may have gone worse than they presumed.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

The inter-brand Twitter roasting continued from there. It’s important to note that this is only a temporary rebrand—essentially a PR stunt to highlight IHOb’s new burgers—but one has to question the damage done to your brand when your new rollout is laughed off the internet. I guess we’ll see. If you’d like to discuss this further, I’ll be up at Waffle House.