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Apple Primed for Original Video Content

Apple has its hands in nearly everything these days. The company is ubiquitous in our society—look around and there’s a solid shot you see an Apple device. The Silicon Valley giant has revolutionized technology, but has been notoriously absent in another ubiquitous area: video streaming. That’s about to change.

According to a New York Times report, Apple is about to go all-in to compete with video content streaming heavyweights like HBO, Amazon, and Netflix. There are sparse details available (which is not unique for Apple), but with an upcoming event on its Cupertino campus slated for next week, the company is expected to announce a new foray into original programming.

There are a group of Hollywood stars, producers, and studio executives expected to attend.

Apple has thrown in its lot with music streaming services in recent years with Apple Music, a platform that still notoriously plays second fiddle to Spotify. Its attempt to compete with video streaming services with its own programming seems a natural extension, and should give them more a leg-up against the others because of the unique content available.

And there are rumblings about that, too.

Rumored to be in production include a new series starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, an exclusive M. Night Shyamalan feature, and a Steven Spielberg reboot.

Those are some big names to announce on an initial rollout.

So Apple seems destined to carve out yet another area in your life where its brand is ever present. We’ll see if it takes off.

Facebook to Combat Anti-Vaccine Conspiracies

Facebook is an invaluable asset in your marketing and visibility efforts. But as we learned in the 2016 election (and the reason why the social media behemoth is now under immense scrutiny) is it can also be a platform for misinformation. With clicks and likes and shares and comments, potentially harmful, inaccurate posts are amplified, leading to a populace that’s gleaning its real-world insights from fake stories.

Facebook had set out to tamp down on the fake news epidemic plaguing its platform, and they’ve now committed to purging newsfeeds of anti-vaccine conspiracy theories. And yes, they’re everywhere on the website.

With outbreaks of once preventable diseases affecting pockets of the country, Facebook is now taking an active role in keeping harmful anti-vaccine conspiracy theories from spreading—with the end goal of stopping the spread of illnesses like measles. They won’t be banning such content outright, but adjusting their algorithm that makes it more difficult to find.

Last week Ethan Lindenberger testified before Congress about why he defied his mother and chose to get vaccinated. At the heart of his argument was that his mom was receiving information from social media sources, and not legitimate outlets like the CDC. His testimony brought the fight against anti-vaxx conspiracies into the fore, and the role that social media plays in spreading false information.

So Facebook has responded by limiting the availability of this content to its users. Hopefully the move translates to a reduction of illnesses that were once controlled due to vaccines.      

The Momo Challenge: The Viral Online Threat That Wasn’t

We’ve delved into the dark side of social media on this blog before, and this will be another one of those posts. Specifically, how instantaneous information coupled with a plugged-in, sometimes paranoid, populace can create viral outrage without digging deeper for the facts. No better way was this exemplified than last week’s “Momo Challenge,” a quickly evolving, quasi internet urban legend that terrified parents and led to some drastic action.

Of course, the whole thing was a hoax.

If the “Momo Challenge” didn’t blip on your radar, you’re one of the lucky ones. But many of you reading this probably saw a post or two from concerned parents about this new online boogeyman—one who resides on messaging platforms and clandestinely in children’s YouTube videos, encouraging self-harm and suicide.

If you’re a parent or just someone concerned with what kids are viewing online, this would no doubt elicit a concerned response. But the problem with these outrage-driven reactions is that rational thinking often goes out the window in exchange for fear, and a Twitter post or obscure blog post is taken as gospel.

Such was the case with the “Momo Challenge.” It simply doesn’t exist.

But that did not stop immediate action. Schools have issued warnings to parents—some cutting access to YouTube altogether. I can see an “overabundance of caution” perspective for doing such things, but many of these responses seem borne of simple groupthink without independent research. Panic begs panic, and before you know it you’ve expanded the reach of a viral hoax.

It’s called “going viral” for a reason. Ideas, videos, memes, and posts can quickly replicate and spread online, their virulence transcending borders, communities, and demographics. It’s definitely great news that this all turned out to be nonsense, but it drills home another important point: not everything that appears in your newsfeed is true.   

The PR/PR Traveling Road Show Rolls On

On the heels of an extremely successful NSA winter conference, the PR/PR roadshow continues – and yes, we’re headed back to Vegas. You can’t keep us away from a slot machine for more than a few weeks, so we’re excited to join World Champion Public Speaker Darren LaCroix in Las Vegas for StageTime LIVE!

With two days packed full of presentations from seven of the best speaker and business coaches in the world, StageTime LIVE is one of the most memorable events that we attend each year, and we have no doubt that you’ll walk away feeling the same.

Held at the Seven Hills Conference Center in Las Vegas from March 15 – March 16, StageTime LIVE will instill the methods to leave a lasting impression, deliver a message that resonates and is remembered, and ultimately up your booking fees.

So you should absolutely join us in Vegas, and be sure to secure your seat before pricing goes up on March 1st.

We’ll see you in Vegas!

Join Ed Rigsbee in Vegas!

Ed Rigsbee is a longtime friend of PR/PR, and he has made a career out of marketing to associations to garner speaking engagements. Of course, this is perfectly congruent with what PR/PR preaches—utilizing your visibility in trade, association, and industry publications to unlock new opportunities to speak. Plus we love all of the fantastic work he’s done through the Cigar PEG to benefit the National Speakers Association foundation.  

Ed hosts a series of “intensives”—a two-day, limited availability series that imparts the importance of marketing to associations, establishing the clarity of your value, and ultimately, increasing your bookings. His next intensive will take place May 29th and May 30th in Las Vegas (added bonus).

While we could evangelize all day about what Ed Rigsbee brings to the table—and can bring to your speaking career—why not hear directly from him and some of the people who have attended?